Do Not Speak Out Your Mind!

You have an idea in your mind — to do something, to go somewhere, to learn a new skill or anything at all.

You're excited and you want to share it….DON'T!

Do not speak! Do not say a word!

Do not ever think about telling someone about it.

Do not even think it out further. It is just going to waste your precious time and energy.

Just go and do it! Do it NOW!

Be brave. Experiment and be flexible along the way. You'll find the right way through experience.

You can say something later when you're done or have started it.

Silly Things You Do

Most probably you have experienced that something that you have done in the past were so absurd or silly to you now.

Now look at you now, you are no longer doing something that you once had been doing. Because it's silly.

Think about it. The things that you are doing now could have been something that are actually absurd and silly but you still could not be able to notice that, perhaps until in the future.

What if you have the ability to notice about what you're actually doing now, of which is silly?

Focus On These

You want to be happy, healthy, wealthy and successful all the time.

Despite anything (anything at all), keep that as your main focus in life.

And always remember that by focusing that you already have them now, more will come to you as a result.

The Big Problem

You think that you've got problem?

Big problem, you say?

It means that you are small when your problem is big.

You need to grow and be bigger than your problem.

So that you can handle any small matter easily.

Comfortable Here

You have been being comfortable for so long, that's why you are still here where you are.

Being comfortable is killing you!

Go get uncomfortable. Learn, grow, improve yourself and pursue your desire – whatever it is and whatever it takes.

Do that and one day you'll thank yourself for what you have done.