Fear Is Just A Thought

Everything happens only in your mind.

Any thought that occurs in your mind doesn't necessarily has to be true. It may just be a thought. You don't have to respond or do anything about it because it's just a thought that you have.

We live in a world of thought but we think we live in a world of experience. You are not what you are, you just think you are. Your mind project the thought to your conscious mind which makes it real or seem to be real. Then you feel it as real as your mind project it to be.

“A thing is a thing” is what your mind says. When actually there is no thing. No something. And no anything. It is just a creation of the mind.

Again, just because a thought is happening in your head, it doesn't meant that it has to be true. It could mean that you are not afraid of the things you thought you are afraid of.

In other words, we are afraid of what we think, not the thing itself.