Being Smart

You may have a smart phone, smart watch or smart TV.

But you must be smarter than any of them.

You must know why you use it and how to use it wisely.

Most importantly you must know when to use it and when not to use it.

Be smart. Use them and don't let them use you.

When You Don’t Get What You Desire

The world is not perfect. You may not always get what you want and need from someone or something.

Do not argue or blame them. It will just waste your time and energy. Instead, change to something or someone else.

Even better, make the effort to change yourself.

Change your own feeling or your mindset and become a better person with strong control and power over yourself to make things happen and get anything you desire anytime you want.

Do not be needy. Be attractive.

Like And Love

You could fall in 'love'. You could fall in 'like'.

The differences?

'Like' is something clear. You will know it when you like something. You can think of why or how you like it. You can adore it and feel like wanting to have it.

'Love' is something which is not clear. You are not aware of it. You don't know how to describe it. Sometimes you avoid thinking about it. You may deny it. You feel something which you don't know about. And it makes your day brighter. Happier. You smile a lot and you don't know what is actually happening when you are with the person.


When you are not with the person, you think about that person a lot. -That's love.