Like And Love

You could fall in 'love'. You could fall in 'like'.

The differences?

'Like' is something clear. You will know it when you like something. You can think of why or how you like it. You can adore it and feel like wanting to have it.

'Love' is something which is not clear. You are not aware of it. You don't know how to describe it. Sometimes you avoid thinking about it. You may deny it. You feel something which you don't know about. And it makes your day brighter. Happier. You smile a lot and you don't know what is actually happening when you are with the person.


When you are not with the person, you think about that person a lot. -That's love.


I Don’t Have Anything

You may feel that you do not have everything've got something.

If you feel that you have a little or you don't have anything, you should stop searching or working to get more. Instead, start noticing.

Notice the things that you've got. The things that you have taken for granted. The things that are useful to you. Even the small things matter. The more you notice, the more that you've got.

Be grateful with whatever things that you've got and use them really well (if you haven't yet). Allow the things that you notice you've got to make you happy or happier than before.

To Listen, To Speak Or To Be Silent

Before you speak, listen.

And listen really well.

Then speak according to the demand of the moment.

You can remain silent if it is appropriate or as necessary.

You don't need to speak if you don't have something worth to speak of.

You don't have to speak because you feel that you have to speak.

But you need to speak if you know that you need to.

To Speak And To Listen

When you listen, listen as if it's the only thing that matter to you in that moment.

When you speak, say the words out clearly and loud enough so that listener will understand what you are meaning to say.

When you want to help someone, be very gentle to let your voice empower them.