Make The Decision Today

The decision you make today matter.

Because for every decision you make, make way for the direction you are about to go in your life.

The direction you are about to go will create another decision for you to make.

No one decision is an isolated choice. Every decision goes on and on in a chain of events.


Make your plan. But do not overplanned.

Your plan doesn't have to be perfect, it just need to be feasible.

Follow your plan and be flexible accordingly with changes.

You will have a clear sense of direction if you have a plan.

You save more time too.

If you fail, make another plan. It's free.

Simplify Your Life

Being simple is a good way to have a happy lifestyle.

You can make your life simple.

You should notice that you actually don't need most of the things that you thought you need.

To make your life simple, take all the things that are really necessary with you and throw everything else.

Do that again and again until you think that your life is simple enough for you, but not simpler.

Should I Quit?

You should NEVER give up. But you can quit if it is appropriate.

Before you quit you need to ask yourself, “why do I want to quit?”

And, “why exactly did I start this in the first place?”