Reasons For Everything

There are reasons for everything that happens.

It doesn't happen to you, it always happens for you.

You may or may not know what the reasons are.

If you don't, make one for yourself.

And make sure the reasons are good ones for you.

Make The Decision Today

The decision you make today matter.

Because for every decision you make, make way for the direction you are about to go in your life.

The direction you are about to go will create another decision for you to make.

No one decision is an isolated choice. Every decision goes on and on in a chain of events.

Your Life Is Your Choice

You always have a choice. A choice to think about what you should and want to think about your own life.

Whatever it is that you think about this life of yours matters to you because it is what you are thinking about which clarify how you perceive your reality and creates the outcome of your life.

At some point of your life, you may feel that you don't have the power to change anything in life, you should remind yourself that you do. You always do. That is by changing the way you think and feel about the things in your life.

You always can because this life is your choice.



You may have the things that you want.

You may want something out of the things that you have — or don't have.

You may want nothing out of the things that you have or those that you want.

You thought you know what you want, when the fact is you don't.

You actually are not sure or don't know what exactly that you want.

You, maybe, are not sure yourself that you want what you want.

Keep on figuring that out.


You need to be clear on the thing that you are doing or learning.

Always ask yourself, “What, why, who, when, where and how?”

Because you think you get it but actually you don't.

You only get it when you can articulate it.


A Concept Of A Fact

You can find tons of informations, news, stories, studies and even theories for easy access now.

Some may be reliable, while some may probably not.

Before you believe or apply them, it would be useful to first ask yourself:

“Is this a fact? Or is this a concept created by someone?”