Their Advices

Any advice must have been created by someone in the past before it is being followed and passed onto someone else.

You could listen but you don't have to follow anyone's advice.

You could actually make up your own as you will.

And follow that.

Game Of Life

You're playing a game now. You might not realize that you do.

The game you play is the game of life. Your life, that is.

You are living your life as a virtual simulation, where the reality exist only in your mind.

Like any kind of game, it is meant to be played. You either are playing it consciousy or unconsciously.

Whether the game is enjoyable or not, it depends entirely up to you.

Your game of life could be competiting with other people, other things or yourself. The game could also be played without any form of competition at all.

The game requires you to use your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy.

The game continues to grow, improve, mature, or degrade, stuck, stay stationary all due to time. And time is always moving in this game. The time can either become your enemy or your ally. Never both.

The game relies on your own decision all the time. Most importantly, this game is all about your action and non-action.

You keep on playing the game whether you like it or not. And you have the option to either fully enjoy and play it all out as if your life depends on it, or…you could ignore the game and fail or be bored with your game of life.

It's your choice. It's your game. It's your life.

The Value Over Price

Almost everything has its price.

Before you buy or invest on something, look at the value instead of the price.

The value may include the worth, leverage, quality, quantity, long time and short term benefit of buying, investing, keeping, consuming or using the item.

The price may mean this. The value may mean something else.


Included And Excluded

For every art, science, ideas, regulation, environment or creation, it is meant to be put as a whole.

To be a whole, there you need something that should be included and others which should not be included.

You should know what it is and make sure it is placed as a whole. That is a part of mastery.

Explain It

The things that you're learning or curious about. You should explain it yourself or let other people explain it to you. So that you can understand it or understand it better than before.

Explanation is meant for you to understand, or to free yourself. But you don't need explanation for everything.

Sometimes some things are best left unexplained.

Reasons For Everything

There are reasons for everything that happens.

It doesn't happen to you, it always happens for you.

You may or may not know what the reasons are.

If you don't, make one for yourself.

And make sure the reasons are good ones for you.

Make The Decision Today

The decision you make today matter.

Because for every decision you make, make way for the direction you are about to go in your life.

The direction you are about to go will create another decision for you to make.

No one decision is an isolated choice. Every decision goes on and on in a chain of events.