Be Really Aware Of This!

Time is moving really really really fast.

If you are still not aware of that yet, think about last year, last month or even yesterday and realize about how fast time went by to reach the now.

Realize how people, things, situation and environment around you have been changing. Realize how you have changed as time went by.

And time can never stop or slow down a bit. It keeps on moving forward.

How about you? Are you moving forward fast enough to go along with time too?

You Are Alive!!!

As you realize that you are alive now, you also realize that it is better to be alive than to be dead.

'Alive' is not just about being, it's about doing, having and becoming what you desire of.

'Dead' means not being able to do, be, achieve or enjoy anything out of life.

Now that you are alive, are you doing what the 'alive' are supposed to be doing?

Or are you playing 'dead'?

Fear Is Just A Thought

Everything happens only in your mind.

Any thought that occurs in your mind doesn't necessarily has to be true. It may just be a thought. You don't have to respond or do anything about it because it's just a thought that you have.

We live in a world of thought but we think we live in a world of experience. You are not what you are, you just think you are. Your mind project the thought to your conscious mind which makes it real or seem to be real. Then you feel it as real as your mind project it to be.

“A thing is a thing” is what your mind says. When actually there is no thing. No something. And no anything. It is just a creation of the mind.

Again, just because a thought is happening in your head, it doesn't meant that it has to be true. It could mean that you are not afraid of the things you thought you are afraid of.

In other words, we are afraid of what we think, not the thing itself.

Got Problem?

Problem do exist, but ONLY in your own mind.

If you feel that you have problem, it means that you are labeling the thing, people, condition or situation as a problem. It shouldn't be that way because problem is only a problem when you look at it that way.

It is the way you look at thing which makes it as what it is. That means you could see problem in a different way or perspective.

Instead of a problem, how about seeing it as a challenge? Even better, as an opportunity?

The Kind Of Person You Are

What kind of person you could have been in the past?

What kind of person you should be in the future?

What kind of person are you now?

What kind of person that you are now that you should leave to be the kind of person you that should be?