Control This

You can't control anyone. You can't control anything.

The only thing that you can definitely control is your thought.

So control your thought to the best possible outcome you want.

Their Advices

Any advice must have been created by someone in the past before it is being followed and passed onto someone else.

You could listen but you don't have to follow anyone's advice.

You could actually make up your own as you will.

And follow that.

Do Not Speak Out Your Mind!

You have an idea in your mind — to do something, to go somewhere, to learn a new skill or anything at all.

You're excited and you want to share it….DON'T!

Do not speak! Do not say a word!

Do not ever think about telling someone about it.

Do not even think it out further. It is just going to waste your precious time and energy.

Just go and do it! Do it NOW!

Be brave. Experiment and be flexible along the way. You'll find the right way through experience.

You can say something later when you're done or have started it.

Focus On These

You want to be happy, healthy, wealthy and successful all the time.

Despite anything (anything at all), keep that as your main focus in life.

And always remember that by focusing that you already have them now, more will come to you as a result.

Comfortable Here

You have been being comfortable for so long, that's why you are still here where you are.

Being comfortable is killing you!

Go get uncomfortable. Learn, grow, improve yourself and pursue your desire – whatever it is and whatever it takes.

Do that and one day you'll thank yourself for what you have done.

When You Don’t Get What You Desire

The world is not perfect. You may not always get what you want and need from someone or something.

Do not argue or blame them. It will just waste your time and energy. Instead, change to something or someone else.

Even better, make the effort to change yourself.

Change your own feeling or your mindset and become a better person with strong control and power over yourself to make things happen and get anything you desire anytime you want.

Do not be needy. Be attractive.