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This blog is written upon the birth of uncommon common sense ideas and the realization that there is no certainty exist here or elsewhere. It is written with little to no appropriate reference and example as to best let the readers envisage and relate the material in the own depiction. Ergo, opening up varieties of open ended argumentation which may lead to infinite interpretations from the readers.

There is no rule. And if there is, there isn’t. The author intends no mislead of direction in anyway of living or rectitude but toward the expansion of the wide arrays of understanding upon life and its possibilities.

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I am an artist who sees, a traveler who ponders, a poet who sings, a composer who invents, a teacher who learns and a learner who has unquenchable thirst for novelty.

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You can contact or connect with me via email at: aazim.hab@live.com

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