Experience The Opportunity

New experience comes for good reason.

Take every experience that shall be given to you as an opportunity.

Whether it is good or bad, new or old, easy or difficult, accept it as a chance for you to improve yourself, get a new perspective, explore the unknown and become or have more of what you want.

The experience may not come often. It could be one of a kind.

So live fully present with the experience when it arrives.

The experience doesn't just come to you, it comes for you.


There are something that you want to achieve, become, have, do or pursue for yourself 'someday'.

It could be something personal.

It could be something easy or hard.

You know you want it but somehow you tend to avoid it.

You may want go for it someday. You wait for the perfect time.

Unconsciously, you thought, ” 'someday' hasn't come yet.”

You have been waiting for a long time now.

That someday could be today! You could start today.

You have to decide now because that “someday” could become the most fulfilling day for you or a total a regret.

What Do You Want?

What is it that you want?

Do you really want what you think you want?

Is it necessary?

Do you really want it? Or were you being influenced by someone or something to want it?

Is it something you truly desire?

Could you live without acquiring or achieving what you want?

If you get what your want, will your life get better? Or worse?

What will happen next after you get what you want?


Think About It

Give yourself a moment now. A moment to breathe deeply, relax and just… think.

Focus all your mind's attention to just think. Think about the one thing that you think you should be thinking about now.

It could be about your priority or decision making. It could be something simple or complicated. It could be about you or others. It could be about now, the past or the future. It could be about something specific, diverse or abstract.

It could be anything.

Think about about how you can do, learn, acquire, implement or improve it. Think the opportunity out of what you are thinking about. Think the opposite of what you know or care about.

Think with all your senses. Think with and without emotion. Think about your own emotion and other's. Think from different views and opinions. Think about meaning and purpose. Think about the big and small perspective. Think about life and beyond. Think about what and how you think.

Do not worry about everything else, you can respond or act later.

For now, take a moment to just think.

Why Are You Born Here?

A good question might be, “Why am I born here?”

A better question, “How can I make and have the best way to live my life?”

Even better, “How can I help other people to live their best life?”

You answer that question not because you have to, but to realize how lucky you are to be one of the chosen ones to be born here on earth.