Useless Or Not?

Something that you do may serve you a purpose or you do it at your own will or according to your emotional desire, needs or wants.

The thing that you do or about to do may be seen as useless or giving little or no value for some other people, usually to those around you.

If you don't see it the way how they see it then it doesn't matter what they see or say about you, do it anyway.


Where Can You Find An Opportunity?

Opportunities are everywhere. You can either seek for it or let it find you.

But first you need to make a decision on either one of those.

If you are going to seek for it, then by all means use all your focus to search for it. If you are going to let it find you, then be totally open to all the possibilities that it will come to you.

Once you've made your decision, the opportunity will come to you as fast as you could believe that it is coming to appear in front of you.

The opportunities could be far away or near you. No matter where it is, once the decision has been made, you will find it or it will find you.

Keep you focus on the opportunity.

Because, more likely than not, the opportunity may be right where you are now.



It is difficult. It sure is.

— The desire which you haven't met yet.

Just not yet.

So don't give up. And don't give in.

Keep fighting. Keep moving. Keep searching. Keep thinking.

Whatever it takes. Go.

It's going to be easy when you finally meet it.



…the things, the people, the place, the pride, the ego, the animals, the emotion, the culture, the life, the bad and the worst that you should leave.

Leave the 'self' which have inhibited you from getting what you deserve. If it doesn't do you any good now, it surely won't later.

Leave and never turn your head back again. Don't think. Don't feel. Just leave. Because you'll find something new…

…once you leave.