Be Kind Be Happy

Doing kindness without telling anyone about what you did for them is the most beautiful thing.

Being kind doesn't just make the receivers happy for what you did to them, it makes you happy. As you do more kindness unto more people, the happier you will be. And the happier you are, the more kindness you shall give to others.

So be happy to be kind and be kind to be happy.

When You Learn Something

You learn something everyday. You could learn from listening, experiencing, reading, watching, socializing or thinking.

The moment when you learn something useful from anyone or anything, don't just learn and let it be. Use the lesson wisely. Stop for a while (or longer, as needed) and ponder upon it.

Then experiment it. Apply it to your habit. Use it. Teach it to other people. Make it useful.

Take the lesson with you as if it is worth more than you could ever afford in your life.

The Best Strategy

You should plan to get what you want to have, be or do.

In doing so, you need to create a strategy.

There are many possible strategies that could be created. Some strategies may work well in some situations, while some others may work the opposite effect.

One of the best safe strategies for you is to able to adapt to any kind of change as needed in any given circumstances.


Do That

There are something that you like to do, it's pretty easy to do, so you do it.

There are something that you don't like to do but you know you should do.

You may not like it, but you must do it because it is really important and it is your priority to do it.

Do that.