Don’t Be Inspired

There are a lot of impressive people all around the world.

You may be easily inspired by them.

Being inspired by someone or something is good but it's not enough.

You need to do something about it.

You need to make yourself really impressive to make other people inspired by what you did or created.


Don’t Change Them

Some people usually cause a problem or a mess to you emotionally.

They may often do it to you without them realizing that they did. You may not like it. Naturally, you may want to change them.

Well, you can't. The more you try, the more you are causing yourself the big trouble. You can never change them because you can never change anyone. You can only change you.

The things that you need to change about you are the way you treat them and how you respond to them. You need to be flexible about your change until they are not able to do you any harm.

And when you change, you shouldn't expect them to change as well. Let them be themselves while you change.

What’s Next

Realize that you are here, right where you are at this right moment.

As you realize that, let your mind ponder upon your future.

Anything can come out out of your thought and imagination.

Take your time.

Then get back to now and ask yourself, “What's next?”

Or specifically, “What should I do, obtain and be next?”

Be In Control

Random things may happen without your notice. You may not be able to control any of them. The only thing that you can control is your mind.

Random thoughts may occur in your mind too but they can always be controlled by you.

As you are able to control your mind, there lies your true power to do and achieve anything that you want.


As a human, you are meant to be moving, not to just stay stationary.

If you don't move, you are making yourself less movable.,The less you move, the more you are losing your flexibility to move. Most people now prefer to sit down more than to move because sitting down is easy and comfortable. Moving may not be appropriate especially at certain occasion or environment — move anyway.

As you move, you experiment. As you move, you experince. As you move, so do your emotion and mental energy.

Go move now. Anything.