Dream Travel

Do you ever dream about traveling to some place?

Do you ever dream of traveling around the world?

Don't you think that your dream is unique somehow?

Do you ever realize that other people, too, have the same dream as yours?

Isn't it obvious that almost everyone does?

Yet, only some of them manage to pursue and achieve their dreams.

What about yours?

Money Earned And Saved

Money is important. You may be working hard to earn money in your life.

You may be working extra harder with part-time job or your business. The main objective is to gain more money.

Your money will be used mostly for your spending on necessities and other unneceassary expenses. The money that you've earned could also be saved instead of being spent on the unnecessary things.

Isn't that true that the money that you save is also the money the money that you make?


I Am …….

Who are you?

Answering the question there reveal who you are as you begin to define or label yourself. When you label yourself, you are limiting yourself's capability as if putting yourself in a box. As you do, you stop yourself from growing and evolving.

You are not you. You are always growing and changing for better.

Instead of labeling yourself as, “I am a……..” say to yourself, “I am……..-ing”

As you do that you shall realize that you are always evolving and you are not stuck with any constrained definition of yourself.


Out There

Don't you ever wonder what exist out there? Don't you ever want to see, hear, feel, smell, taste and feel whatever it is out there?

Out there is a mystery. You shall discover or uncover it.

It could be something or nothing at all, but it is out there. It could be a challenge, journey, treasure or gift. It could be anything. It could be near or far away from you. You might understand it or you might not. You may not know what it is but instinctively you know that it is out there waiting for you.

Go out there now. Whatever that means to you.


Be.. Now

You might not realize that you are always improving. You are a better person now than you were in the past. Thus, in the future you shall be a better person than you are now.

Think about the positive person that you want to be in the future, what is it like?

Realize that you don't have to wait for yourself to be that person in the future, you can that be that person…now.

Being Great

There is actually no such thing as someone to be better than other person.

A businessman is not better fisherman or vice-versa. Or a champion is not better than a beginner, although that is what it's normally assumed as. There are great people and normal people.

What makes people great is not exactly what they do but how and how much value they contribute to the society.