Life Is Good Or Bad?

There is nothing good or bad about your life.

But thinking about it, whether good or bad, makes it what it is. This is because you are living based on the perception of reality and not the reality itself. Your perception of reality is determined by your focus.

Whatever you focus on, good or bad, that is what you will get more of.

The things you focus on right now will determine what you shall get in the future.


Say It

Whenever you notice something nice about someone, you say it.

Whenever you see or hear something beautiful, say it.

Whenever you feel you love someone say it.

Say it right away, right there, out loud. Or else the moment would just pass you by and never return again.


Understand First

If you ever going to explain about something to anyone, you must first understand it yourself.

If you don't, then don't even try.

But you could try to explain it first to yourself before others while you are still trying to figure out in understanding it.

Once you have understood, you explain it to them based only from your own understanding, and not from others'.

Why Be Curious?

Be curious.

Be curious about the things that you don't know and get to know about it. Be curious about the things that you do know and get to know more about it.

Ask question.

You don't need to ask a brilliant question if you don't have one.

Sometimes, we are blinded by our existing knowledge that we don't ask any more quality question when actually there are no such thing as a stupid question. An existing or answered question may be modified, simplified or extended.

When you ask question and focus on it, you shall get the answer or a new insight immediately, if not soon. You may get the answer from yourself or from other resources or inspiration.

You are being curious when you ask question yourself.

And as answering to the question: “Why be curious?”

— You, yourself, need to be curious to ask that to yourself to get the answer.

An Opportunity To Create

You can have more opportunity to create. You always have.

But you are bombarded with plentiful and almost infinite amount of informations coming to you.

Some informations may be helpful but most of them are not giving you much value to your life. You might think it does, but it surely doesn't. You are actually losing so much opportunity and value as you get more information into your mind because you are losing your valuable ability — your ability to focus.

You can't focus when you have a lot. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time.

You may not realize it yet that you are born as a creative being. It means that you can create anything with the power of your mind and imagination. You can create something new or even create a new life for yourself.

But you can't create anything when you don't have the focus needed. You only have more opportunity to create when you have less to focus on.

If you have the focus, you can achieve just about anything.


Getting Money

When you get any amount of money, you immediately have a few appropriate options to choose to do with it. You could spend it, invest it, give it, save it or leave it.

Whatever option you choose, that is the choice you make.

If you don't make the choice, automatically you are saving or leaving the money.