This Is Your Future Self

“What will I be in the future?” is a question that you might have asked yourself a few times or more.

It is a good question indeed because the question represents your desire or curiousity for your own life in the future. But a good question does not give any value without a good answer.

Some people had asked that question at some point in their past. Some other ask it on a daily basis.

Some people answer their own question with a good answer out of their interest, inspiration, commitment or burning desire to be somebody. Some people answer it poorly by letting other people deciding the answer for them.

Most people ask the same question over and over again and never answer anything.

Problem Here

Problem exist.

It exist almost everywhere.

There may be a small or big problem, one, a few or many problems.

In any family, organization, situation, cause or place, problem may arise inevitably.

Realizing that problem may happen any where and in any time, you don't have to expect it to come. But you do have to be aware when it does come and not to ignore it.

The problem is just a problem, it cannot be changed. So, it's not about the problem, it's about how you are going to handle it.

Most importantly, to then turn the problem into an opportunity.

Happy For What?

You can be happy for one specific reason.

You can be happy for many reasons.

You can be happy for a few reasons.

And, you can be happy for no reason at all.

The last one is actually your preset state of being since you were born, which you are supposed to be right now.


Make Your Life Easier

Face it, for most people, life is hard.

Learning and earning something huge may require a really hard work.

For some people, life is easy.

It is easy because they have something.

They have thing that most other people don't.

The thing is knowledge.

The knowledge that they have applied in their life has made their life easier.

You can make your life easier too.

That is by acquiring the right knowledge for your life and applying them.


Be Positive

There is a huge need for you to think positive everyday and every time.

Without positive thinking, you are thinking the opposite — negative thinking.

You cannot appreciate life without positive thinking. You cannot learn well and enjoy life if you cannot think positively. You cannot be grateful without positive thinking about your life.

Most importantly, you can never feel happy without positive thinking.

With positive thinking, everything will be alright, even if you're in the toughest time.

Do This Instead Of Blaming And Complaining

It's true that things may not always go out according to what you like and want.

Human's natural response is usually to complain or blame. While complaining and blaming are easy things to do, yet it doesn't help much to get what you like and want. You only waste emotional and physical energy as you complain or blame something or someone.

Do not complain or blame. Make a request instead.