How To Stop Bad Habit?

Those bad habits that you do on a daily basis or from time to time. You may realize that it is or may be affecting your life negatively now or in the future.

You want to stop them.

To stop or try to stop it is possible, but may be a hard thing for you to do especially when it has become a strong habit of yours.

What you should do instead is not focus on stop doing it, but rather start doing something else of value or create a new positive habit which will replace the old bad habit. By doing that consistently, you don't need to use much willpower to avoid or stop doing the bad habit.

Further, it helps you to create a good habit which benefits you.

Mostly Unnecessary

If you are aware of the things that are happening in your normal day, naturally you are always moving. By moving, it may mean that you are responding, entertaining, working, learning, creating, socializing and doing something for yourself or others. They may be things that had been planned or done randomly.

Little you may have realized that most of the things you do are unnecessary.

The main reason is that you don't know why you are doing what you are doing.

You may be following what other people are doing or asking you to do without questioning why. Justifying and fulfilling a need to do so without much acknowledgement on the value of importance and priorities for your life and important people around you.

Eventhough you may think that you know what you are doing, unconsciously you may be moving your life daily without any significant motive.

There is nothing wrong, of course. Sometimes it is just the way it is; it is just the way of life.

The Meaning Of Your Job

What's your job? Is it just someting that you do?

Is it something that you enjoy doing and passionate about? Or is it not?

Is it something you want to do? Or something that you have to do?

Do you feel like you are contributing something huge for doing your work? Or do you feel like you're a slave when you do it?

What does your job means to you?

Whatever it is, it is definitely your choice. You have the power to choose your job.

Did You Manage To Finish It?

Think about the thing that you have once started back then, notice now what had happened?

Did you manage to finish it? Or did you leave it undone?

If you leave one thing undone after you have started it, you will be doing the same thing again whenever you decide to start doing other things. As you let this continue to happen, soon you will realize that you have left many things undone. You may have created a habit to not finish whatever you have started. Hence, making you powerless to pursue whatever you desire.

If you realize now that you did, do not blame yourself.

Instead, get your focus back on. Finish the one (important) thing that you have started. You don't have to start it perfectly and you don't have to finish it perfectly either. You just need to keep doing it until finish, then another one and another one.

Finish everything that you have started or finish it by consciously deciding to not continue on pursuing it. Whatever it is, make sure it is finish!

Make it a habit to finish everthing that you have started or don't start anything at all.

What Should You Do Often?

What are the things that make you feel happy to be alive when you do them?

What are the things that make you feel unhappy or bored when you do them?

What do you mostly do during your day?

You should be doing more of the things that make you feel happy.

What are you doing now?

The Thing That You Forget To Do Everyday

Life may offer you difficulty or big challenge for you. Do not worry.

Because you have a sacred power within you to become, have and do whatever you want.

That power is praying.

By praying you can ask for something to happen, appear, reappear or disappear in your life.

Magic happens when you pray. When you pray you will be given something. That something is either thing that you want or something better.

In order to pray appropriately, you must have a complete belief and faith in what you are praying for, even before you start to pray. If not, then your prayer is useless.

You can ask for anything in your prayer, so make it specific and clear upon your request. You prayer may be answered immediately and sometimes you might need to wait for it. The answer may come directly and usually indirectly to you, you just need to be aware of it when it arrives.

If it arrives early, receive it openly with gratitude and joy. If you need to wait for a while or longer, then by all means be patient and wait for while doing what is appropriate for you to do. If you don't get what you had asked for, don't feel bad, be thankful instead because you will receive something better than what you had asked for. It sure will, you just need to expect for the best to come and continue praying for the same thing or something else that you desire.

The most important thing for you to remember is that you can only pray to God and nothing and no one else as only God can hear and answer your prayer.