The World Fact

Here is something that you might have already known but have forgotten or taken as granted:

The world is…..HUMONGOUS!

Aren't you lucky to live in such a planet?

The world has been existed with the livings and the non-livings. Humans, plants, animals and other unknown creatures and existence. The sky and the ground. The knowledge, philosophy and wisdom. The social interactions and emotion. The certainty and the uncertainty. The belief and the myth. The places, the substances and the people. The history and the future. The science and art. The lifestyle and the story behind everything.

What a rich world. Explore it.

A Real Man

A real man has a real character.

He dreams big and always gets what he desires. He is kind and caring. He is bold and polite. He has etiquette and knows the rules. He loves challenges. He is never afraid of confrontation.

He knows how and when to get angry.

And when he does, he does it really really well.



You want something. You need to do something.

In your mind, you have a lot.

Things to care about. Things to prepare. The how-to, where and when.

You got nervous. You think more.

Your insecurity. Your fear. Your brought-up-to-be. Your lack of knowledge and experience.

You then overthink.

And you are still thinking…..?

Heck, just stop!

Define what you truly believe in and just go for what you feel natural.


Don’t Wait

You want this, you want that.

You want it in your own exact way.

You desire it. This is what you want. This is what you've got.

You try to ask, you get no response. You try to wait, it costs your life.

Don't wait, pursue it with all you've got.

You Are Average

Indeed you are: an average person.

There is nothing special about you. You are about the same or similar average as other human being exist today. All your talents, skills, intelligence and beauty…there are all average.

The average of all human beings = you.

You are just a normal person walking a life day by day, month by month and year by year. Time passes by, you are just being who you truly are. You might try to prove to others that you are somewhat different or better than others, but for the most part, you are just an average person just like them.

You could be average for the rest of your life or you could have always been average until……

Until you realize that you are and act upon your mission — that is to be the best.

Consistent Learning

What do you know?

Do you know something or do you know everything about something?

Whatever it is that you think you know, it is never enough. There are always more to learn, even more than you had ever known.

As you learn, you discover more. And as you discover more, you also discover that there are more to be discovered. Soon you will realize that there are an infinite amount of discoveries to be discovered upon any subject exist.

Learning is a way of life. Once you stop learning, you stop discovering new things. As that happen, you are either falling behind or that you are dead.

Life Is Hard; Life Is Easy

What do you think about life? Is it hard? Or is it easy?

It doesn't matter what your answer is for now. Read the question again and notice that it says: “what do you think about life?”

The emphasize upon the word 'think' makes you realize that you are thinking about life as a whole before you come up with the answer. Through the process of thinking lead you to an answer.

Thus the quality of your answer depends on the quality of your thinking. Your answer could be a 'yes' or a 'no'. Either way, it depends much upon how you think.

It's important for you to understand that thinking is a process that takes place within you (that is your mind) and not 'outside' of you. If you ponder for a while, mostly the 'outside' is where your life is happening, that could be your surroundings, your work, the people you are dealing with, situations and causes which mostly would determined whether your life is good or bad — to be specific 'hard' or 'easy'

The process of thinking is made by you, not your mind. Someone else might influence (inspire or deprecate you) or help you out on exactly how to think, but the actuality is that you have all the control over your mind upon how to think and what to decide to choose.

By thinking, you could just let yourself gone wild into thinking whatever comes up in your mind, or….

You could use your power to control the process of your thinking and make a relevant positive choice upon coming up into any conclusion.

Again, what do you think about life? Hard or easy?