Your Mistake

Whatever wrong doing or mistakes that had been done. It’s been done.

It didn’t happen to you. It happened FOR you.

It happened because it serves you a purpose that you might not have known yet.

Accept it. Take the lesson. Learn to do and plan better next time.

Forgive them and forgive yourself. Let all those negativity go. They don’t serve you anything right now and in the future.

Don’t let the past create disruption in your life now or in the future.

Focus on what is right rather than what is wrong.

Surely, time may sooner or later heal your wound, but you can heal yourself instantly by accepting what had happened and by letting it all go.

Next, you can start doing what is appropriately right for you to do.

Just Ignore This

At any point of your life you might experience something like these but you ignore it.

That is when you should realize that you are being ignorant!

When you refuse to care or take notice or take any appropriate action upon what is needed to be done; that is ignorant.

You know what you should do now. You know what you are capable of doing and achieving. You know what an opportunity or danger is. You know how, where and when to do it. But heck….you don’t do it!

You know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. You know your responsibility. You know how pitiful other people are. But either consciously or unconsciously, you just don’t bother to care to do what is right for you to do.

You know the negative consequences of doing or not doing something, and you know you have the power to choose to do or not to do something. But you are just lazy, careless or simply being unethical. You choose the comfortable and blissful way as you like yourself to be: you choose to ignore.

You’re not naïve. You’re not disable. You’re not weak. You’re not stupid.

You’re ignorant!

Whenever you ignore something you are being who you are: an ignorant person.

Worse than that, you knew or just knew about the fact that you are being ignorant but you still choose to ignore it and stay doing or not doing something that you should. You may realize that you are being where and what you are now. You just don’t care. Just lazy. Just careless. Just unethical. Just choose the easy and fun way of being.

Just….ignore it.

Listen To Your Heart’s Deepest Desire

If you ask your self, “What do I really want?” you are asking a good question because it allows you to think more emotionally upon the right answer.

Meanwhile if you ask yourself, “What do I really need?” you are letting yourself think more logically in order to answer it.

Then you may ask, “What do I really love?” that is even better question to ask yourself as it allows you to realize the things that you are fond of or passionate about.

You could get an infinite amount of answers to those questions. But quantity can never be enough. All you ever need is one best answer where the quality lies.

Upon getting the best answer to any of the questions, you should go beyond your emotional and logical thinking. That is by listening deeply to your inner voice from within your heart.

For most people, it may be really hard to listen to any of it. You have to be patient, relax, have faith and really listen with subtlety. When you finally are able to listen to it, you’ll get your best answer. And you can only listen to it, not hear any of it.

Here is a hint: the voice of your heart’s deepest desire screams really loud inside of you yet it seems to be whispering really softy for you to listen.

Once you get your answer, embrace it, follow it, respect it, celebrate it and do something about it. When you do, that could be the best turning point of your life.

The Lies

Have a good contemplation upon what you have watched, read, learned and listened to.

Is it all true? Isn’t it too good or too bad to be true?

If (only if) it isn’t true, then it must be a lie.

A lie is what it is: any action, symbol, sound or communication that lead or may lead to an understanding or assumption astray away or apart from the truth.

Any kind of lie is neither good or bad, although we could assume it in any way we like and accept it to be.

You could find lies almost everywhere.

Almost all of these lies are all created by humans, either consciously or unconsciously.

Obviously, they lie for a rational reason that motivate or force them to do it. But sometimes they don’t have any. They just lie for the sake of doing it.

Often, they, themselves, don’t realize that they are lying to others. They may lie to themselves too but they may not (or may never) realize that they are fooling their own selves.

You may not notice it yet, more than half of the things that you thought and believe to be true are false.

It is your job to find out what they are.


The Stories

Everyone has their own stories.

Those are the stories about themselves that they give to themselves and the stories about themselves that they give to others.

There are also stories that they give to other people or other beings whom the know and don’t know. As well as stories that people give to other people or to their own society.

The stories could be the truth or the ones that they make up by themselves or others. The stories that had happened, is happening and about to happen. The stories that they care and don’t care. The stories that they really believe in and carry doubt with. The stories about love and hatred. The stories about peace and war. The stories about savoriness and struggle. The stories about their belief, myth, miracle and legend. The stories about fact and fiction. The stories about value, worth, cost and price. The stories about the living and the non-living. The stories about life, life-before-life, death and afterlife. The stories about the good and the bad.

All stories are created but most people may know or not know exactly where their stories came from.

More often than not, they don’t realize that the story that they have heard or told to themselves is actually what it is — a story.

Stories are stories. What are your stories?


You Are Already On Purpose

Seek for your purpose no further.

You are already running your life on purpose whether you realize it or not.

You may or may not be able to define what your purpose is, it doesn’t matter. Because you are meant to do and be what you exactly are already doing and being now.

Now your job is to live your live the fullest without limit and without doubt.

That means living and pursuing whatever your heart desires to have, be or do and always find ways to get better everyday — it is your calling, it is your destiny.


Your Life Right Now

Have a proper look at your life right now. Think about it. How do you feel about your life right now?

Do you like your life? Is it interesting? Is it fun? Or is it not?

If it isn't so, then blame no one. Because you are responsible for your own life.

Life doesn't happen to you. It is you who make your life happen for you.

Wake up now and do whatever you like to make it fun and interesting.

After all, your's yours.