Whatever people think about something or someone, it is their opinion.

Whether they think that it is right or wrong, and good or bad, it is merely their opinion.

Opinion may arise from one person’s judgement, belief, appraisal, view, taste and preference. It may be constructed based on what they have heard, seen, learned, experienced, read, perceived or assumed.

Whatever people think about you, it is just their opinion about you. And whatever you think about people or thing, it is just your opinion.


Disable And Able

Think about those people who our society would label them as disabled people. You may even know or have seen one or some of them.

They are disabled but most of them never think that they are disabled. They just label themselves as someone ‘special.’ Despite their disadvantages, they still could do many things that able people can do and they are also able to adapt to live in their own way accordingly to their environment.

It may be a bit contradicting to say that they are disabled people because they are still ‘able’ to do many other things that normal people can do.

Most normal people may feel pity when they see them. Meanwhile, the disabled, instead of pitying themselves, they focus on doing the things that they can do. They are able to do many things by focusing on their strength and with what they are able to do.

How about you? Are you disable or able?

If you are disabled, then you shouldn’t label yourself as a disabled because you still are ‘able’ to do and create many great things appropriately by adapting with your disability and focusing on what you can.

If you are able, shouldn’t that mean that you can do and become more than them?

You Don’t Understand It

What are the things that you use especially on a daily basis without even thinking about it?

You may realize that the more you use it, the more you thought that you become more competent or even expert on using it.

Realize too that using something may prevent you from understanding it.

When You Feel Pain

You have to admit that you don’t want to feel pain. No want does.

But pain is something that is unavoidable; when it happens, it happens.

When you feel the pain, you feel the pain. You can pretend as if the pain is not there, but you can’t lie to yourself as you are the one who are feeling the pain.

Pain is really painful especially when you focus on them. The more you think about it, the more intense you may feel it.

Time may heal your pain. Drug may help too, but it may be temporary fix and may not be the best option. The fastest and easiest way to handle pain when it happens is to accept it.

Accept that you are feeling what you are feeling — pain.

Be okay with it.

Then remind yourself: whenever you feel pain, it is alright..because pain reminds you that you are still alive.


Those Who Speak

Isn’t it obvious?

Those who speak a lot may know something.

Those who speak less may know a lot more.

Those who don’t speak at all may either know almost everything or know nothing at all.

What Is Aging?

Aging is a concept that have long been established by human.

It may be true, age is always growing.

Everyone and everything in this world grows by age, usually until they die. The main reason for this is time. Time moves forward onto the future all the time making ‘aging’ inevitable.

Age is a concept which relates to the progress or advancement of a stage of life accordingly to a period of time. Likewise, the state of ‘young’ or ‘old’ is also a concept.

A concept is an idea that is being conceived and apprehended by one’s mind. Any concept is set to be true — as true as the mind believe and conceive it to be.

As human goes through the stage of ‘aging’, it is assumed that they are getting older as the time grows.

Young, younger, old or older is a concept to compare one self or one thing to others. Human label one being to be younger or older than one another as to compare among themselves.

If one was created without the others of the same kind in this world, then there may be no comparison of age and thus there is no concept of young, younger, old or older being established.

Being young or old is also a concept to set the group or category of people which differs by looking at their age.

It may be true that we cannot avoid aging as we live in a ‘thinking’ and ‘look-at-how-they-look’ world which then requires us to compare and label ourselves or others as young or old and younger or older.

Then again, age or aging is just a concept. You have the option whether to label yourself through aging or to assume aging is just a concept and skip the labelling.


Is It Worth It?

If you are pursuing for something or someone, you may be struggling to get it, to maintain it or to keep it alive. It may require investment of your time, money, and mental, emotional and pysical energy. You may need to fight hard for it and sacrifice a lot of other things in your life.

Think about it and then ask yourself this quesion:

In the end, will this be worth it?

If it does, continue moving on. If it doesn’t, leave it.