Your Bet

If you can bet on anyone to succeed in any particular endeavor in life, who would you bet on?

What if you don’t have anyone to bet on?

What if the only person that you can bet on is just….you?


The Purpose Of Socializing

Human is a social creature.

Socializing is one of the necessities that makes us happily alive.

For some people they don’t think much about socializing, they ‘just’ socialize with people. It may seem to be a natural thing for them to do. They do it as if their life was meant to socialize with people.

To socialize is the default state of every human being ever since they were born. The people who avoid socializing is actually not acting based on their nature, there must be something that had happened in the past that makes them deflect society.

These people may find it awkward to socialize, especially to strangers or people who they are not close with. They may find it to be wasting their time and worthless to social. They may ask, “what is the purpose of socializing?”

To rightfully understand socializing at a deeper level, these people may require themselves to know the real purpose of socializing.

There may or may not be a specific or unspecific purpose of socializing. Whether there is or isn’t, it still doesn’t matter. Because it is the nature of a human being to socialize.

Again they may ask..What’s the purpose of socializing?

The simplest answer is for the sheer joy indulging what is in the moment and go with the flow of life.

Or better yet, the purpose of socializing is to not have a purpose at all.


The Purpose Of Living

Humans are living in this world in order to serve for a purpose. That purpose is to serve others.

The ways to serve others are by creating and giving value to other people. It can be done by helping others through service rendered or supporting cause, and product creation.

Humans offer something of value to others directly and indirectly. Sometimes they don’t even realize that they are doing that because it is their nature to do so.

Those who have gone askew from their purpose will never experience the real fulfillment of living their lives unless they start to offer giving and creating value as to serve for others.

Whatever they offer to the world, the world needs it. In return, the world offers them what they need.


How To Listen Attentively?

When it's time for you to listen to something, all you do at that moment is just…listen.

Do not do anything else other than listening. Focus all your attention to just listening.

Listen with your heart and feel it vibrating deeply into your soul.

Do not think much about what you are listening to. Do not judge it and do not bother to respond, you can do that later, but when it's time to listen, listen.

Just listen — and listen really well.


Creative Creatures

We are the creatures created by The Creator.

The Creator designs us creatively. The Creator creates us to be creative. This creativity helps us to create other creations.

Each one of our creations is The Creator's creation as well because we are created by The Creator.

Whatever we had created in the past and will create in the future, they are all from The Creator's mind.

The Creator creates everything.


What Can You Use?

If you don't (or still don't) get what you want to have, never dwell on it.

Instead, take a moment to look at the things that have already existed around you. Look at the success you have achieved and what you have gotten yourself today. It doesn't have to be a huge or extraordinary, even a small thing matters a lot.

Look from within you and be aware of what brought you here to have the success that you have achieved, and the things, the skills, the knowledge and the relationships that you have gotten today. Realize the person of good character who you have become right at this moment. Again, even a small thing matters a lot.

You get what you focus on the most. Instead of being worried or frustrated for not having what you want, focus on what you have got today. Those things that you have gotten today could be the things that you had been wanting to have at some point in the past. Do you realize that you are having it now?

Anything that you have already gotten now (in this moment) is useful in one way or another. Use it.

Get the most of what you have gotten today by using them or find ways to make it useful.


I Am Here

“I am here.”

Realize that where ever and when ever you are, you are nowhere but ‘here.’

As you go through moment by moment of each day, you could be facing with challenge, struggle, mundane activity and predicament, or you could be into something great, interesting and exciting. Either way, you are always ‘here‘ whatever the condition and environment might be.

Here‘ is the only place that you are and always will be in. If you stay stationary, the place where you are is here and if you are in a journey, realize that you are always here, where ever you are.

You are here right in this very moment as you are breathing and reading this. You are neither in the past nor the future.

Now as you realize that you are here, you also realize that this here is one moment of life — your life. As you are being in the ‘here‘ moment, you also realize that you are fully alive.

In any point of your life you could say to yourself, “I am here.”