What Stops You

If you are not moving forward, you are stopping.

Once you stop you don’t improve or grow. Soon, you will lose momentum. Once you lose your momentum, you will find it hard to start over again.

You won’t get near to the thing that you want once you have stopped. You will then be wondering what has stopped you from moving forward. You may be blaming circumstances or some people for your stopping whether it makes sense or not.

In actuality, nothing could ever stop you from getting anything that you want except one.

The only thing that stops you from getting anything is you stopping.


I Want That

If you want something so badly, you raise up your emotional energy and pursue it until you get it.

Don’t make excuses. Not even one. You must do whatever it takes to get it.

Most importantly, you must act as if that what you want is with you right here, right now.


The Good And The Bad

The good and the bad are just judgements that occur in our mind.

The common assumption is that good thing is good, and bad thing is bad.

Whatever the assumption is to be, it is worth to notice that everything good is bad when it is done a lot.


You Love Your Life

Indeed, you really love your life.

The thing that makes you realize that you love your life is the fact that you don't want to die at any given moment now.

You may not really know about what would happen to you if you die.

But what you really know is that 'life' has a lot more to offer as you are alive now than when you die.

As you are breathing and reading this, you also realize that you are still alive. So love your life wisely by taking advantage on every little good thing that your life has to offer you.


What’s The Use of Knowledge?

Knowledge may be useful tools for you to be happy and successful in life.

You seek for more knowledge. The more knowledge you know the better. Sometimes as you seek more, you may still feel that you don't have enough.

For most of the time, it is not that you don't have enough knowledge, you already have it — a lot even, it is just that you didn't notice something more than knowledge could ever offer.

That is: you neglect to apply your knowledge.

You Will Grow ONLY if……

If you feel that you want to be, have or do something that you never become, had or done… or if you feel that you need to change, grow and improve yourself by learning a specific skill or knowledge, or setting up new habit, remind yourself that you will not be able to achieve it fully unless….

Unless you are focused, dedicated and well self-disciplined.

Focus means that there is no other things exist in your mind while doing, practicing or learning the skill or the knowledge that you are aiming for until it is completely done or acquired.

Dedicated means that you devote yourself fully to it with persistency and never ever giving up, and you don’t mind sacrificing your time, money, relationship, resources or anything worth just for the pursue of it.

Self-discipline is doing the things that you should be doing at the right place and the right time uncaring about your current emotion whether you want to do it or not, and you just do it without any relevant or irrelevant excuse.

Once you are focused, dedicated and well self-disciplined, you WILL be successful.