Change The World

The idea of changing the world is meant to be something big and often overrated.

From one point of view, you can never change the world. You absolutely CAN’T!

Because the world is extremely humongous! The world needs to be affected by a lot of things, phenomena and causes that could make it change. And if it changes it usually would change by itself. The world is way too gigantic of a thing to be changed by merely yourself or any a group of large people or association. Thus it may require a millennial of time and huge population of people or resources working together to really change the world.

From another perspective, you can change the world. You absolutely CAN!

Because everyone does. One small action or creation made by you or anyone in this world may affect others in one way or another. It may affect other people or the nature or man-made things exist in this world. One action or creation made by you lead and affect another…and another…and another… Thus changing the world happens inevitably.

Your Will Never Achieve Your Goals!

If you feel that you have or want to have big goals, dreams or ambition that you want to have, be or do, that is good…but not good enough.

Because whatever great big things that you want, you wil never achieve them! This is not a negative statement, in fact it is really positive. You don’t have to accept this, but take your time to contemplate about it.

Achieving (especially huge) success is usually not easy. It is really hard! It is even harder than you think it is.

If you have a dream or goal which is big enough beyond your imagination and impossible to be achieved for most people, it is actually achievable but most probably it will never happen.

The main reason for you not being able to achieve huge success is because you don’t have a strong burning desire to achieve it.

Your desire is not powerful enough to get you to move to your desired result. Thus you will never be successful unless you desire it really badly…as bad as you need to breathe.


The Killer Of Progress

When you are about to do something or to go somewhere worth doing or going, there is one thing exist in your mind that will definitely make you stop dead at your track.

You may or may not be really aware of what it is. The problem is you accept it well enough to stop you from doing and going into the direction that you want.

Due to this, soon enough you will form a habit of avoiding the things that you want to do or have, the place that you want to go, the person you want to meet, the skill that you want to acquire, the lessons you want to master, the change you want to happen and the person you want to be.

The thing that stop you from progressing is the thing that you have created in your own mind.

That thing is your own excuse!

What Is Your Role?

You must know your role all the time when you are with someone or in a community.

When you are in a gathering with group of people carrying out an activity together or solving a problem, you must know what you are doing there for.

Either you lead them by becoming a leader or follow them by becoming a follower.

If you feel that it is not right according to your value, belief and preference to be there with them, do not hesitate to stay there even for another minute. You must immediately get out of there.


Spending Your Spare Time

At sometime during your day or the week, you may have some spare time away from work to be used for leisure, relaxing, socializing, entertainment or recreation.

You might be asking’ “with whom shall I be spending my spare time with?”

It could be with anyone. But make sure they, too, have some spare time to spend with you.

Your Wish

You desire for happiness, joy, health, wealth and fulfillment in life.

You wish something for your own self and for your own self benefit.

You may also wish something for others as well.

Whatever you are wishing for others, you are wishing that for yourself too.

So wish them well.

Why Be Grateful?

We are living in the modern world where almost everything we want is easy and fast to get.

The people who lived back then in the past one hundred years ago and further then, are living in a very slow life. There are not much(or none) availability of technological advancement that they can use to enhance their life's performance for ease of efficient working and better life enjoyment. Transportation was slower, less organized and less systemized than it is now. Laws and regulations were not yet established and practiced strongly. Trade and commerce were sometimes inefficient, scarce, slow and less comfortable. Thus theirs standard of living was relatively lower than us in the modern world.

The people in the past had dreamed about and worked hard to achieve what we have owned and enjoyed having today. They had done a lot of study, research, experiments through trials and errors where some had even risk their life in order to create an invention or a system that are being used today.

They used their mental, emotional and physical energy to free people from slavery, to teach people through education, to leave their hometown to search for other better place, to find resources that they need to survive and feed their children, and to invest in their time and money to build and create something useful and beneficial to the people in the future.

What we are, do or have are the products of what they had worked hard for in the past.

Everything that they had sacrificed for us are something which we must not taken as granted but to be really grateful for.