How Your Options Kill You

You are now living in a culture where you are overwhelm by plentiful of option available to you. Sometimes it is good to have options but when the options are overwhelmingly huge, it can suck and drain down most of your energy.

Having a lot of options lead you to use much of your precious energy called ‘willpower’ upon making decision on which one to choose from. The more options you have, the more decision you need to make. The more decision you need to make, the more willpower that you need. The more willpower you use, the less you have it to be used efficiently for your productivity, growth, learning, life satisfaction and fulfilment.

On a daily basis, you may make decision on what to eat, what to wear, what to care, what to think about, what to do and where to go.

You are then confuse.

And you, yourself, confuse you.

You thought that the large amount of options you have are making you rich, when in reality, you don’t realize that it actually makes you poor.

You could use your willpower to create something of value or lose it while making lots of decision.

Don’t lose your precious willpower. Trim down your option today.

Believing And…….

Everyone has something that they truly and firmly believe in.

Some people believe in something that they may tell other people about the thing that they know and really believe to be true. If you ask anything about the their belief, they could answer it in an easy manner.

They could explain everything about it — the step-by-step procedure, the origin of their belief, how to do it and how to succeed with it. Sometimes they even seem to have a deep passionate interest when they talk about it.

They know the truth and the best possible outcome from their belief but…….they are not acting accordingly to what they are believing in.

Do not let that be you.

Your Question And Answer

You would ask a question to get an answer.

An answer to your problem, an answer to get what you need and want, an answer to discover the things that you don’t know of before, an answer to change your thought, emotion and action, an answer to move you to other places or change course, an answer to life, an answer to the unknown, an answer to your soul….an answer to a question.

For most of the time, if you focus on a question, the answer will soon come to you. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

The reason you don’t get your answer is probably because you are not asking the right question.

Your Hidden Precious Powerful Energy

You have one known precious form of energy exist within you.

This energy is so powerful that it can be used to change your life for the better. It could even change the world if it is being used wisely. It can be used to achieve whatever you want in your life.

You may not have realized that this form of energy had been shaping your life and all the successes that you have had in the past. You have this energy within your reach and you can use it or waste it an time during the day, everyday.

This energy depletes when it is being used appropriately or being wasted. This energy can hardly be conserved. It’s nature is to slowly drain out all the time even if it is not being used throughout the day. It drains out quicker when it is being used on a bigger challenging task.

Every time you wake up from your sufficient sleep in the morning, you are fully recharged with this powerful energy. Your positive thought or emotion and body posture could also recharge you with more of this energy, meanwhile your negative thought or emotion and body posture could kill this energy instantly.

This energy can be used to work, to imagine the future, to learn, to build and to think. It can pull you up when you are down. It can raise your awareness and drive you toward what you are focusing on. It can make you persist further in the moment you feel like giving up. It can be used to plan for the future and to solve difficult problem.

Everyone is born with this mystical-like energy but being aware of this form of energy and being able to use it wisely is quite rare for most people.

Once you are aware and realize that you have this rarest precious energy, don’t waste it. Use it wisely to get whatever you want to have, be and do. It is yours to use.

That rarest precious powerful energy is…… your ‘Willpower.’

The Differences Between Hearing And Listening

Hearing and listening both have subtle differences.

Hearing is using the ear physically to receive what is being communicated by the projector of sound. Hearing involves with getting the vibration of the sound wave into the ear. It can take place with or without intention and direct attention of the hearer. You can hear something without needing to understanding and apprehending what the sound is. The hearer may usually deal with logic more than emotion when they are hearing. Hearing could happen without any conscious awareness.

Listening, too, may use the ear physically although not neccessarily. The main ‘instrument’ of listening is not the ear. The main instrument used for listening is the heart.

Listening is the process where the sound or information enters the mind which then immediately being interpreted by the heart.

Listening is an active process of understanding things in an overall context of what is being communicated. Listening is being aware of the things surrounding or related to the sound and having deep understanding upon the message that is being conveyed. Listening may involve in hearing the sound wave too, but it’s primary action is to actively reflect upon the meaning and feel the sensation of the sound. The listener often would use their emotion more than logic when they are listening. Listening happens only with conscious awareness.

Hearing may lead to knowingness and identification of what the sound is. Listening may lead to learning and understanding on the overall view of what is being listened to.

It is impossible to hear without getting the vibration of the sound wave into the ear. But it is possible to listen without hearing anything at all. You could sit down for hours and hear many noise or music or any sound of the nature around you without listening to or understanding any of them.

You could hear and listen at the same time. You could also be able to hear but not able to listen to anything –even when the sound is loud enough for you. And sometimes you could understand something or someone in a profound manner even without hearing it if you listen to it really well.

Listening is a very delicate skill to have because you listen not with your ear but with your heart.

The Things That You Don’t Want

You may have something that you don't want or don't prefer to do, have or be in your life.

You may try to eliminate this by trying to stop or avoid that thing or yourself from it. You may resist doing, having or being that of what you don't want. But as the law of nature kicks in, the more you resist the more it will persist.

Instead of stopping, avoiding or resisting it or yourself from doing, having or being it, change your focus. Instead of focusing on what you don't want, focus only on what you want. And that shall you get.


What Do You Stand For?

Being a person of character, you must know what you stand for.

Your belief, value, faith, ethic, discipline, preference and inspiration. You must not be ashame of what you are, what you do and what you truly believe in. You are what you are meant to be, have and do because you have something that you stand for.

It is really important for people around you know what you stand for. And, it is also important to let them know what you won't stand for.