The 100-Year-Old You

Imagine yourself as a 100 year old person laying on your bed and thinking about your life.

You may have gone through a lot with your life. You may have achieved a lot of success and happy moments. Then you would smile and say, “I am really proud of all of my achievements and the hard work that I had done in the past.”

Or, you might have a lot of regret for the things that you have never done while you have the opportunity when you were younger. Then you would cry and say, “I should have done ……………….. when I was younger, healthier and having more energy than now.

Later then, whether you are proud or regretful of yourself in the past, your 100-year-old self would want to tell your younger (now) self:

“Now is your time. Make yourself proud later. Your dreams and desires…make them happen!”

And then ask yourself:

“How would I make it differently if I were younger (that is, now)?”



Any act of kindness or the opposite that you see, feel, experience or is done to you exists for a specific reason.

The reason is for you to learn from it.

Any act of kindness should be best served as an example or role model for you to follow. Meanwhile, any act of mistreatment, unkindness or evil should be taken as a lesson by searching deep within yourself if such faulty exist in you.

Living A Life

What does 'living a life' best mean to you?

  • Eating, sleeping, working, socializing, dreaming, preparing, entertaining, following, maintaining, surviving, reacting, relaxing…

Is any of these considered to be living a life?

How about any of these?

  • Creating, achieving, leaving a legacy, giving value to nature and human kind, nurturing, leading and connecting….

Choose which best way to define how you are going to be living your life. Because some people live as though they are not going to die and they die never having to live.


LIfe’s Kindness

No matter what you do, when and where ever you are, life has been and always will be treating you kindly.

If, by any chance, you ever feel that you are being treated unkindly by anyone or anything by any reason, that is actually not your life who treats you that way. It is YOU who treat your life unkindly.

The way you treat your life unkindly is the cause which makes you feel the unkindness.



Risk is everywhere.

For everything that you do and will do, risk may be involved too.

The more benefits you seek, the more risks there are. The more that you don’t know about something that you are pursuing, the more risks you are going to face. There are risks involved in all investments, all works, all the things that you pursue and all the places that you go to or stay in. Sometimes, you may be able to identify the risk, sometimes you may not.

If risk is everywhere, does that mean that you should just stay at home and stop trying to do anything worth doing?

Absolutely NOT.

Risk is there to help you to learn and grow. Risk is there to make yourself brave, strong and use your intellect to face any challenge. Risk may help you to be more prepared and more creative facing bigger challenge. It even could help you to find opportunity along the way.

If you focus on risk, then that is what you are getting. Evaluate your risk if you may have to but do not focus on risk, focus on what you want instead.


Don’t Waste Your Life

Everyone loves to be alive. If not, they should have been dead by killing themselves by now. Realizing that, you, too, love your own life. Realize too, that all life is only be considered as a 'life' as there is an existence of time to make it up as life.

Every life, including yours, is consist of time. Collections of time makes up a moment. Collections of moment makes up your life. Thus, your time is your life.

Time moves. And so does your life. You can never stop time, it is always moving ,even right now.

Right now is your time. Right now is your life.

If you love your life, don't waste your time, use it wisely because your time is your life.



One of the strangest things about human is that….we only value and appreciate the thing which has a price.

The higher the price in relative to our income and our net worth, the higher appreciation and value we place for that thing.

Other things like the air that we breathe in everyday, the land that we stand on, our health, our relationship, our abilities, act of kindness, our natural environment and the things that are provided for us for free are priceless to us.

We rarely (if ever) value these priceless things. If you look around you, you will realize that those extrinsic things are all around us.

Question: How can you best get value and appreciate them?

Answer: By giving a price to each of those priceless things.