How To Be Comfortable With Yourself?

There is no doubt about it, being yourself is the most comfortable being you can ever be.

You are not being comfortable being yourself mainly due to the judgement made by other people around you.

Whether their judgement is acceptable, whether it is true or not, or whether they judge you at all or not, those judgement don’t serve you any right to be as free as being yourself.

Those judgement actually could not affect you at all in the present time, in the past or anytime in the future.

You are who you are and you have the right being as who you are right. There is no right or wrong or good or bad as it is merely a judgement.

All the judgement, good or bad, thrown at you are never true. It is only regarded to be true to the extend that you accept it to be true for you.

To be comfortable being yourself, you need to dismiss all judgement toward yourself and other people around you.

Accept yourself as who you are and accept themselves as who they are.

The way how you judge other is how you think others would judge you whether it is true or not. As you dismiss all judgements toward yourself and others, you will free yourself from any judgement from anyone even if they do judge you.

Be what you are comfortable to be. Be yourself… because it is the best being you can ever be.

Our True Reality

We accept something as the truth based from our social conditioning, self-image, belief, and perception of what is supposed to be real, logical and within the context of our reasoning.

Truthfully, the truth is not out there; it is here within us.

We are living in the real world of our mind. The truth can be anything. It exists without limit and goes beyond what the state of acceptance and norm of the society.

Whatever we accept and believe to be true is our own reality the moment it appears.


The Most Difficult Thing To Do In The World

The hardest thing to do for us may be the easiest thing for other people to do. Likewise, the easiest thing for us to do may be the hardest thing for someone else.

The most difficult thing to do in the world for us may not be the same for other people.

It may not be quite obvious but the first ever thing that we do on anything is usually the most difficult one.

Our second, third, fourth attempt and so forth may still be hard but not as hard as the first. The more we do it, the less difficult it will be for us to do. Because everything is hard before it is easy.


Upon Perfection

Perfection is merely a concept produced by the mind of an individual. It may be directly or indirectly linked to the best quality value, image, sense, taste, manner, texture, time, auditory or visual presented by a thing or an idea.

All of which driven solely by emotion and logic based on perception and accepted preference of an individual or society.

The grounded truth has yet to be confirmed whether perfection does exist or not in this world. This is mainly because we are limited by what we see, hear, taste, feel and sense.

If it ever exists, it exists due to the comparison made from the differentiated nature of other similar or same thing of lower or lesser quality that qualify the perfect thing to be perfect. The perfection wouldn’t exist if there is no available comparison to justify it’s perfection. Or the opposite truth where perfection would exist as there are no comparison to falsify it.

Then again, perfection is just a concept accepted by one’s mind.

All The Skills You Want To Have

You may be impressed or inspired by someone you see, hear or just met. You want to be just like them and have the great impressive skills that they possess. You may feel indifferent that you don't have what they have.

You may want or need any specific skill that they have especially for you to achieve whatever you desire. Be it a simple skill or a complicated one.

You may even think that it is almost impossible for you to have those skills or that it is hard for you to obtain them. You may think that only the chosen ones are lucky enough to have been born with or have acquired those skills, and you might not be lucky enough to have it.

If you do, stop right there. Bombarding your mind with the puzzle on how amazing someone else are and how lousy you are for not having those skills won't help you with anything.

You do NOT need to feel defeated for not having acquired with any of those skills. Indeed, not at all.

Because any skill that you want to have, you already have possessed it. It is already there within you. Just like those who do have it, you too, already do. You just haven't realize it yet.

All you need to do is believe that you have it and enhance that skill.

What To Do While You Wait?

Waiting is an integral part of life.

Everyday, you are in line to wait for something or someone, even for yourself. You might need to wait in a long or short haul of instances. Sometimes, waiting are unavoidable for you. More often than not, waiting is a requirement to live or achieve anything worth.

Most people would get angry, stressed out, annoyed, frustrated and unhappy when they realize they need to wait for something.

It actually doesn’t have to be so; not for you. Those negative emotions are optional. Throw away those options now as it doesn’t serve you anything good. You have better option.

If you happen to wait for anything, ask the right question to yourself: “What is the best thing I could do now while I wait?”

And immediately answer: “It is for me to accept this ‘waiting moment’ as a gift given to me with a great hidden reason that I still don’t know of yet.”

‘Waiting’ is a special gift given to you for you to explore your emotion profoundly. The longer the wait, the more special the gift will be.

While you wait, be present. Be in the now, not in the future. Do not let your mind wander off anywhere else but here where you are right now.

Do not think, but feel…Feel the sensation of waiting and mix it with a deep feeling of gratitude. Gratifying the now, here.

‘Waiting’ cannot hurt your feelings once you have accepted it.

Expect to wait and expect to be happy while you wait. Expect to wait happily.

Happily accept that any ‘waiting time’ is also the time of your life.

Accept Everyone

The feeling exists that sometimes you could not accept the negative behaviors or the personality of someone.

They could be irritating, provoking and even despicable to you. This is even worse when they are someone who are very close to you or living with you. Their unacceptable behavior makes you want to change them they way you prefer them to be.

Your family, best friends, close friends, colleagues, partners, spouse or anyone, they all have different personalities, lifestyles, appearances, behaviors, social conducts, ways of thinking and living, and preferences which may be slightly or totally different than yours, sometimes even bizarre. This is normal because everyone is created to be different from one another.

Face the reality, you must not resist or try to fight the fact that they are, being who they are. Just like you being you, who you are and there is nothing wrong with that.

No one could change you. Likewise, you couldn’t change anyone. You could only change the way you think.

Change your thinking by accepting everyone as who they are and don’t ever try to change them.

Once you fully accept them, you release yourself from any judgement and burden to care to feel the unbearable or the unacceptable.

The more you accept someone, the less responsibility you need to change them. Once you have fully accept someone, you free yourself from having any such responsibility to change them.