How To Make Decision?

Making decision is one of the most important life skills. You are here where you are today and being you as who you are now are based from the decision that you had made in the past. Every decision you make now will definitely affect your future.

The question is how can you make the best decision for you now?

The best way to make decision is first to think about the story that you want to tell about yourself in the future.

That is, what story will make you happy and proud of yourself when you tell it to someone in the future? Then, no matter you make a good or bad decision, or whether you will succeed or not, or whether it turns out to be hard or easy, you could always tell a good story that make you feel proud about yourself and your decision.

Choose or make your own story and make decision out of that story.

The best decision is based on the best story of your own choice that you expect from yourself.

The Worst Teacher

It’s often desirable to win at something.

Winning may make us happy, meet our goal or may even be defined as success to us. Yet, winning tend to make us so proud, thus let us forget about our imperfection and the need for us to grow ourselves further.

On the opposite hand, failure is often undesirable.

It may make us unhappy, stab our pride and unsatisfied with our performance. But, failure may help us to be aware of our mistakes, our lack of skill and motivate us to improve further.

Failure is the best teacher. Meanwhile, winning is the worst teacher.

The Most Important Skill

The act of ‘giving’ is an easy skill to do. The one rare yet also easy skill which usually taken as granted is one of the most important skills in the world which almost everyone tend to miss out.

That skill is receiving.

By receiving, it not only means as an act of receiving, but it is meant to be more than that. To really receive is to accept what is given to you openly with your heart. It means welcoming the gift that you are receiving and allowing yourself happily at peace while receiving it.

For most people, when they receive a big or simple gift or a help, or even a simple compliment, from other people, the normal ethic is to respond by saying, ‘thank you’ for the thing that they receive. While this is important as a sign of appreciation toward the giver, it is more important for the receiver to ‘receive’ it fully with all their heart.

The way to do this is by stopping for a while or a few seconds to feel it in your heart that you are receiving it with all your heart and allowing yourself to own the thing that you has just received with full of excitement and pleasure upon receiving.



When you have an idea to create or improvement on something or a wisdom that is conjured from your thought, you may assume that the idea is obvious and that everyone would already knew or thought about it long before you.

The truth is, for most of the time, your idea is really obvious to you but not to other people. The same goes to the thing that you have just learned or experienced from others. It may be new to you, but it is really obvious to someone else.

What obvious to us may not be obvious to someone else. Share your idea, no matter how obvious it is to you. You don’t know who you will inspire.


The Point of Change

The most pivotal moment of your life is when you have decided to change your life.

Change happens to you when there is a deep emotional trigger caused by a new experience or knowledge which changes the way you think and perceive upon your life. It usually occurs when you feel a great amount of pain or pleasure or the perception of pain or pleasure from the new experience or knowledge.

You know it yourself when you have changed your life or lifestyle.

You know you have changed because you can feel or see the difference. Your society also know that you have changed. It is a total change once you no longer care about what others think about your life’s change.


What is experiencing something?

It is an act of feeling something that is undergone, encountered or lived through.

The key word is ‘feeling.’ To fully experience something, one must feel. Feeling is a sensation accompanied with emotions and senses with full awareness on what is going on.

To fully experience something, one has to focus on feeling, not thinking.


Some people say something that is not true for themselves to others. Thus, they know that they are lying.

Some people always tell the truth. They tell the truth upon what they like or don’t like. They know that they might hurt others’ feelings for their honesty but they tell the truth anyway.

Some others are telling the truth about themselves when in fact they aren’t. They lie to themselves often without themselves realizing they are doing it. They thought they are living their lives out with all honesty. The sad truth is that they don’t know that they are lying to themselves.