Time Is Who?

It is a sad phenomenon nowadays when more people are struggling because they couldn’t cope with their busy lifestyle to do whatever they want to do to achieve more in life.

They often complain that they don’t have time to have a fulfilling balance life.

Later, they assume that time is against them because they are always rushing to meet the daily demand of their life. They soon unconsciously assume that time is their enemy.

This assumption hurts them more and deplete their energy and make them lose control of life.

Upon realizing this, it doesn’t have to be so. Time is not an enemy of any kind. It can be ‘neutral’ as it is merely a perception of their own mind.

Twisting the perception of time, time can (should) be viewed as your friend.

Time is your friend. Time is a gift to help you to achieve, get or avoid something. Time gives you the pleasure of working and resting. Time gives you the opportunity to think, feel and react properly. Time helps you to adjust yourself accordingly to your surrounding. Time provides the possibility and ability to prepare, grow and heal yourself and others.

Time does not need anything for you to give back in return. It is always there for you benefit from. Sometimes, time can be regarded to be more valuable than money or any other materials because you can never buy time. It is always here now as it is meant to be.

Always assume time as your friend, it will definitely help you to do whatever you need to do and be in your life.

Head On

Being hit hard straight to your head by a solid brick does hurt.

You soon realized that you have fallen down rock bottom, possibly weak, powerless or disabled.

There may be nothing of good to prove you have the right to get up or even stay alive.

But you survived anyway.

When you have your right to stay down, you also have the ultimate right option to face reality head on with courage and belief that you will get better than ever.

Choose to be fight back up. Soon you will prove all else that what didn’t kill you does make you stronger.

Ignorance Isn’t A Bliss

Ignorance is not a bliss. It is an option.

By ignoring, the sense of carelessness defines us. Carelessness doesn’t mean selfish nor evil. It is pure sense of living by leaving. Leaving behind all that need for us to care what is worth thus enabling us to live at the best possible being.

We choose what to ignore, by right we could also ignore what we choose.

How To Use Your Money

The obvious way to use your money is to spend it on what you need or want. Another way is to give it to someone else. The common wise way is to save it for future use.

The elusive best way to use your money is to immediately use it as an investment.

The best type of investment is investment on yourself. That is the investment of the necessities for your self’s endeavor. That might be spending your money on the thing that you need or benefit you the most now or  in the future. This type of investment not necessarily be spent by or on yourself. Such that you may also invest by giving the money to other people who need it. This investment create a better you in improving your character to be a sincere giver.


You have homework to do and you must do it until it’s done.

If you don’t have one, your homework is to get one. You need to have at least one relevant homework for you to do today, everyday.

When you’re done with your homework, find or create a new one.

Homework does not necessarily be done at home, it could be done elsewhere.

Your homework may be the task that you need to complete, the investment on yourself or others, the research that you need to conduct, the fact that you need to figure out, the lesson that you need to acquire, the skill that you need to master, the relationship that you need to build or improve upon or it could be anything that would create investment to your future’s benefit.

You must first know your homework or create one for yourself.

Get motivation for yourself, put yourself in the zone, lock yourself in your own cave, move to keep up with the momentum of doing and just do your homework until it’s done.

In A Loop

You are in a loop. That is a series of constant repetitive moving things or habits occurring in your life.

Most of the things that you have done yesterday will be repeated again today, tomorrow and the following days. What you have experienced more than once or twice is likely to be repeated again next time in the same old style and fashion as you did before.

Your emotions, too, are in a loop. And so are your habitual daily actions or non-actions. The way you make your response on anything is also in an automated loop.

You are always be staying in the current of the loop usually without you consciously realizing you are in it or the existence of it.

The loop you are in is the cause for you to achieve more success or failure. It also moves you forward, backward or makes you stay stationary.

Being in a loop may shorten time span. Manly because you are doing the same repetitive things in which does not have much novelty and excitement being inside it. It may also lengthen your time span once you notice your loop and get out of it once and for all.


The Meaning Behind

Whatever you are doing, have done or will be doing must have meaning for that something else to occur.

Whatever response, action or interaction you get must mean something in the current moment or the near future.

Small things may mean big to others or vice-versa.

There is no doubt about the truth: everything is meant for something if not for something else.

Decipher your own meaning behind everything. Sometimes the meaning is meant to be meaningless, yet that’s the meaning behind.