Seize the moment

We all have our moment.

Good moment is something that we would cherish. Bad moment is something that we need to accept, learn the lesson from and forget about.

Anywhere in anytime, you are always being in your moment. At some time, you could feel your moment. The other time you couldn’t.

The moment may be something mundane or something that excite you. It doesn’t matter what you feel. What matter is, you grab that moment and accept it to be all yours. Do not let other things or other being take your moment away. It is truly yours to feel at that very moment. And your life sometimes depends much on that moment.

Once you are in your moment, you need to be there where you are. Do not reason. Do not think. Just feel. You can think later, but for the now, just feel the moment.

Let the moment flow by itself. Never try to control or judge it. Do not reject it. Do not try to change it or make it better in any way because that moment is there perfectly for you.

Let yourself be in that moment to be, do and feel whatever is present there.

Seize the moment. Better yet, let the moment seize you.

Hit Your Head

Literal case, if someone you knew or a stranger come up to you and suddenly hit your head with a hard brick and you still luckily survive, there are two options for you to handle it.

The first option is by immediately responding to it.

If you choose to respond, you could respond with an overwhelming response or underwhelming response.

Overwhelming response could be by mocking them, fighting back by hitting them back, or hitting them harder. While underwhelming response could be simply by protecting yourself, running away, getting down on your knees and crying out loud or asking them why exactly did they hit you at the first place.

The other option is by not responding immediately.

There by that option you stop to stay still, not moving and let a few seconds go by and just be in that moment. After a while, you can choose to respond or not.

If you choose the later option, you would stop and not respond at all. By then, you could instinctively find out the reason why they choose to hit you.

The reason might sometimes be illogical and unacceptable. It is not your fault, it is theirs.

In some other case, it could be the other way around. Sometimes, it is yours and you deserve it.


If you are feeling happy right now then that is the default nature of your being, which indeed is a great feeling to have.

If you aren’t feeling so, then there is something wrong. It is most likely that that something is not about you but something else.

The place, that is.

If you feel sad, move to another place. Any place. Where ever that might be, as long as it is not there where the source of unhappiness exists.

Be The Best You

Whatever you do or about to do, the best way to think is to believe in yourself as the best.

Why set yourself as mediocre when you can be the best? In fact, you are already the best. You are the chosen one, the winner and the best among more than twenty millions possibility just before you were born.

You do not necessarily say it to other people, being humble is pretty much appreciated, but say these to yourself and ALOUD:

“I am the best! I am perfect as I am now! I am great!”

Even if you still don’t, just say those and affirm them to be true.

Doing so, you are already set to be that.


Changing is always happening to you whether you feel it or not.

Any change you make or do not make affects you in your near future, if not now. No matter what, you would always be affected by change, because anywhere you go, time is always moving. As time  is changing, matter too is changing, slightly or greatly. For that matter, everything is.

To change you for better is your own choice. It always is an option you take consciously.

Any good change would creates good affect. As you pursue the good change for you, good effect would always happen whether you feel it or not. If not now, soon. If not soon, soon enough it will.

Yet good change happens for only a good reason. And that reason is usually for a crucial reason. If it is not crucial, it is not going to happen and you are not going to make it.

Since now you have option to choose to change, why not choose to change for the better you?

Well, the truth of the matter is, you can’t and you won’t.

Unless it is crucial. Unless it is a ‘Must’.

In order for you to change, make it crucially a must for you to change. For better. Now.

Be Independent Thinker

Every knowledge in the world is acquired by one self through direct and indirect learning and experiences.

The summation of total knowledge acquired unconsciously in our life define us and what we do as human being.

Suppose given there are two or more people acquiring a totally same knowledge or experience, they would never totally get the same understanding and perception of the given knowledge. At most they are slight or total difference in the conceptualized mind upon the matter.

Thus, every knowledge acquired is a self-knowledge.

The knowledge or experiences received are usually directed, filtered or facilitated by someone especially those of higher authority or the influences among us. The receiver may assume or believe it to be exactly as that, then leaving no clue of whether it is either acceptable or not. This isn’t necessarily has to be so.

The nature of self-knowledge is supposed to be independent. Listen, learn and acquire knowledge and experiences but never be dependent on them such that it becomes a sturdy immobile belief.

Take what you need and what you feels right. Easily leave what’s not right for you. Set to prepare to shift your paradigm and change your mind whenever needed. Be independent in thinking.


Unfair World

Undoubtedly, the world is forever be unfair. It is the law of overall nature that govern by itself. The state of unfairness is neutral. Yet far due to manner of circumstances, the mind of a person may assume it to be bad or unacceptable.

The influence of the negativity direct the mind into a conclusion that they are powerless to change the fact and blame it on the superiority, top power, or anything or anyone of higher than them.

Turning to the other standpoint of influences, – the positive, which makes the perception to be at best. It is a blissful being – a bliss of unfairness.

The turning point of the matter is that there will, were or are, always be someone somewhere being treated or naturally be lower in status, power, capabilities, image, mentality, resources and availability than us.

Again, it isn’t obvious; it is the law. And since it is the law, even if it is possible, we are unable to change its nature at an instance. The only and best option is to first accept the law and direct the controllable mind to the positive stream of comparison. From adjustment to the motion of change,it is possible to adapt and transform into a novelty of being by first doing so.

Henceforth, by merely comparing with the lower level of the unfairness world.