Life Script

Everyone living in this world is an actor.

This world is a theater stage. Everyone living on this stage is acting. Most of them don’t realize that they are.They act in accordance to their respective roles. They act in a different way with different people they face, time, place and in situation they are in in some ways or another. 

You too are an actor. But you too also have another special role: the director.

You, as the director, direct your life in anyway that you want as you like. You also can write and rewrite the script of your life in anyway that you intend it to be. You could only use this role appropriately when you believe that you are the director and act on your desired written script.

If you don’t like your role right now or anytime in the future, you can always start writing your new script and act on it.

If you do, make yours the best story ever.


About Life

Life is all about the moment.

The moment that makes you feel happily alive. It doesn’t necessarily have to to be a big thing. Focus on small thing that makes you happy everyday.

Capture that moment. It is always here. It is yours.