Get Away

You can get away from something.

Or from anything that you think you can.

Your limit is only set by your own mind.

You just have to stop thinking and simply get away.


Reasons For Everything

There are reasons for everything that happens.

It doesn't happen to you, it always happens for you.

You may or may not know what the reasons are.

If you don't, make one for yourself.

And make sure the reasons are good ones for you.

Get Back

If you missed the opportunity, get back searching for new one.

If you lose your discipline, get back at it.

If you lose your position, get back on the right spot.

If you're down, get back up.

Like And Love

You could fall in 'love'. You could fall in 'like'.

The differences?

'Like' is something clear. You will know it when you like something. You can think of why or how you like it. You can adore it and feel like wanting to have it.

'Love' is something which is not clear. You are not aware of it. You don't know how to describe it. Sometimes you avoid thinking about it. You may deny it. You feel something which you don't know about. And it makes your day brighter. Happier. You smile a lot and you don't know what is actually happening when you are with the person.


When you are not with the person, you think about that person a lot. -That's love.